5.4 Set Up an Additional Top or Bottom Menu

There is often a need for a second menu on every page of a business website. The additional menu is needed to help keep the main menu from becoming over-crowded. The additional menu often includes menu items such as About Us, Contact Us, Sign Up for our Newsletter, and many other topics that may not warrant taking up space on the main menu.

The most important aspect of a second menu is that it can easily collapse into a hamburger menu on narrow screens. It should also allow you full control over the design of the menu.

Joomla offers more than 100 menu extensions. One of the best is the ARI Ext Menu. You can read about it in the Joomla extensions directory at this link:


and you can download it from this link:


Then install it by going to Extensions, Manage Install.

Before we configure this menu, we should create a new menu for it. Click Menus, Manage, Add New Menu.


Click Save and Close.


Do not click Add a Module. Instead go to Extensions, Modules. ARI Ext Menu and open it. For menu name, choose the Bottom menu. Also change the name of the title of the module to Bottom Menu. Hide the title and assign it to the footer position 1. Then scroll down to Main Menu item styles. Set the background color and font color. Change the font size to 14. Finally, before we can see it, we need to create some menu items for it.

Create Three New Articles.

Create an article called About Us, another called Contact Us and a third called Tips and Tricks Then go to Menus Bottom Menu and add menu items for each of these three articles. Set the menu to show on all pages. Then click Save and Close.

Now view the menu at the bottom of the Home page. Here is our new additional menu:


What’s Next?

This completes our chapter on menus. In the next chapter, we will take a closer look at online store management.