4.2 Add Products to your Online Store

On a surface level, adding products is relatively simply. You first find or create an image for each product. Then open Phoca Cart and click Products New.


Give the product a title, a price, assign it a tax rate and a category. Then scroll down and select an image for the product. Then give it a one sentence description. Then click on Image Options and select a product image. Then click Save and Close. This brief process may work for some products.

But if you want to draw attention to a product or provide your customers with more information about the product, then there are many additional steps you can and should take when creating a new product.

Here are all of the tabs on the Product Edit screen:


Click on the Skoda Superb product and then click on the General Options tab. Then scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see there is nothing in the Short Description work space and there is also nothing in the Features description work space. However, there is a bunch of text in the Long Description work space. You can add text and images to each of these work spaces. The Long Description and Featured information will appear in the Product Information table below the Product on the Product page:


Next click on the Attributes tab:


This car comes in two colors, white and red. You can charge different prices for each color. More important, even if they are the same price, you can have different inventory levels for the two colors. Click Type and you will see ten different Attribute Types you can use for product attributes. To add a new attribute, click on the Green Plus sign next to the word Attribute. We will cover how to add Product Attributes in more detail in Section 4.4


Click on the Specifications tab.


Specifications provide more information about the car. But they generally do not affect the price or inventory level. Specifications are displayed below the product on the product page. We will cover specifications in more detail in Section 4.3.

Click on the Related Products tab.


You can add any products you want to be related products. They then appear in the Product information table below the Product on the Product page.

Click on the Size Options tab


By default, the values are metric. But you can change them to English in the Options area.

These size values will then be displayed below the short description on the Product page:


Click on the Publishing Options tab


We have added one label and one tag to this product. Here is what these two labels and tags look like on the front end of our site:


Note that both tags and labels appear above the product image. But only tags appear as a tag below the product short description.

What’s Next?
We will cover creating and customizing tags and labels in Section 4.3.