2.4 Ecommerce Extensions to Phoca Cart

You can run a Phoca Cart online store without any additional extensions. But several can really help. Some of the most important extensions include a Product Slideshow, a Newsletter component and a Forms component. One of the benefits of Phoca Cart is it is not a stand-alone online store creation tool. Instead, Phoca Cart is fully compatible with thousands of other tools available in the Joomla Extensions Directory. You are therefore not limited to tools made only by or for Phoca Cart.

For example, there are several Product Slideshows made specifically for Phoca Cart. However, none of them offer much control in terms of how they display images and text. We will therefore explain how to add a fully customizable slide show from the broader Joomla Extensions Directory called DJ Image Slider.

An easy way to see many tools that are compatible with Phoca Cart is to go to the Joomla Extensions Directory and enter the word Phoca in the Search box. Here is a direct link to this page:


From Page 1, we will click on and then download these 5 free extensions:

#1 Phoca Download – a tool to display and track files customers can download from your website.

#2 Phoca Favicon – a tool to easily change the favicon displayed for your website.

#3 Phoca Maps Component – a tool to display an Open Street map of the location of your store and or location of events.

#4 Phoca Open Graph – a tool to automatically add Open Graph tags to Joomla articles to help them display better when linked to Facebook pages.

#5 Phoca Commander – a tool to help you make changes to website admin folders without the need to log into your hosting account.

Then from page 2, we will download these 3 free extensions:

#6 Phoca Top Menu – a tool to change the Joomla 4 admin top menu back into a horizontal menu.

#7 Phoca Maps Content Plugin – a tool to display Open Street maps in Joomla articles and Phoca Cart products.

#8 Phoca Font – A tool to add custom Google Fonts to your website article and Product pages.

Here are direct links to their Joomla Extension pages:









Here are direct links to these downloads:









Then open your File Manager and go to your Downloads folder. Create a folder for these extensions called Phoca Cart Extensions and place all extensions in this folder. Then move this folder to your Store Website Extensions folder.

Install and Configure Phoca Commander

All extensions are installed the same way. Go to Extensions, Manager, Install. Then click on the Upload Package File and click Browse for File.

After installing Phoca Commander,, click on the link to configure Phoca Commander. Or go to Components, Phoca Commander. This warning will appear:


Click OK. Then a screen will appear with all of your website files:


Click on Options in the upper right corner. Change Display Download button from No to Yes. Then click Save and Close. Now open and read the main error log. The logs show who has been trying to log into and otherwise attack your site. There were 60 attacks in 2 days.


You can delete error logs after reading them and if the problem is still there, the error logs will automatically regenerate themselves.

Add DJ Image Slider
DJ Image Slider allows you to set up several custom slideshows and have them appear on different pages. Here we will create a Featured Products slideshow to place near the top of our Shop Home page. To download DJ Image Slider, go to this page: https://dj-extensions.com/downloads/cat_view/76-dj-imageslider

Then install it the normal way going to Extensions, Manager, Install. Then click on the Upload Package File and click Browse for File.

Add three product images to your File Manager
Before we can configure our slideshow, we need some Product images to show in the slideshow. Since the Demo Data is about cars, we will get a couple of car images, copy and paste them into a Libre Writer document called Phoca Cart Demo Car Images. Then right click on each image and click Compress to reduce their file size using 96 DPI. Then save the images to a folder called 0-shop-home-slideshow. The go to Content, Media and create a folder also called 0-shop-home-slideshow.

Configure the DJ Image Slider Component
Go to Components, DJ Image Slider and click on Categories, New to create a new category. Call it Our Shop Home Slideshow. Then click on Slides and add your images and text to the slides.

Configure the DJ Image Slider Module

Go to Extensions, Modules and click on the DJ Image Slider to open it. Turn off the Title, Put the module in Protostar Banner position, Enable it, Set the Source for Component and set the Slide category for Our Shop Home Slideshow.

Then click on the Menu Assignment tab and set it to display only on selected pages. Click None. Then click on the Our Shop Home page.

Then click on the Customize Slider tab. Set Visible images to 1, show title to No and show description to Yes. Then click Save and Close and View your Shop Home page:



We will review several of the following extensions later in this course.

Xcloner is a free backup and restore tool which we will cover later in this course.

Modules Anywhere is a free tool to import product modules into articles. We will also cover this tool later in this course.

What’s Next?
This completes our review of Ecommerce Extensions for Phoca Cart. In the next section, we will review the steps to install and configure the Astroid One Template.