8.4 Create and Post Informational Videos

One of the most effective ways to promote your new online business is to post videos about it on a business YouTube channel. There are huge numbers of people who spend their days watching YouTube videos. These videos combine powerful visual images with audio – which can be a combination of music and spoken words. It is easy to place links to your business YouTube videos on your business website as well as in the comment sections of popular blogs.

Create Your Business Slide Presentation with Libre Impress
Before we can post our business video to YouTube, we first need to make the video. And before we make our video, we need to create the visual images that will form the content of the video. A simple effective way to prepare the visual content for your video is to use a free tool in Libre Office called Libre Impress – which creates presentation slides similar to Microsoft Office Power Point – only you do not need to pay Microsoft a monthly fee. Libre Office is completely free and is available for both the Windows and Linux operating systems. In this lesson, we will create a Slide Presentation with LibreOffice Impress similar to the following slide.


The most impressive feature of Libre Office Impress is the ability to define a variety of custom background colors and effects. To open LibreOffice Impress from the Writer Top Menu, click on File, New, Presentation:


A screen might appear asking you to select a template. Cancel this screen as we will make our own template. In the Impress Top Menu, click on File, Save As. Then save the Presentation as My Video Presentation.

Change the Presentation to a 16x9 Ratio
Click Slide, Slide Properties. Then click on the Slide Tab.


By default, the slide presentation is set for a 4 to 3 screen ratio. This ratio is generally for very old computers. If we want to create a slide presentation to use in a full screen video presentation, we should change this to a 16 to 9 ratio. This is often called a Wide Screen Format.

This 16 to 9 ratio is also the best ratio for a presentation that will be posted to Youtube. 16 x 9 is also a better ratio for posting a slideshow on the Home page of a website because screen height on the home page initial display is pretty limited. After selecting 16 x 9 ratio, the width will remain 11 inches but the height will be reduced to 6.2 inches. Click OK.

Access Default Background Designs
Click on Slide, Change Slide Master and you will see that there is only one design to choose from.


To get more, click on Load at the bottom of the screen.


Click on Presentations to bring up a list of additional options:


Click through the various options. The Preview box shows what each option looks like. Then click on Inspiration to load it as a Slide Design option. Then click Load again to load some more options. Now we have four options. Click OK, we will not use any of these.


Format Slide Layout
Click View, Slide Layout. This will bring up Properties in the side panel.


Click on the Background Drop Down arrow and click Gradient. Then choose a Light Green First Color and Medium Green Second Color. Then change the Master Slide to Default. The side panel will also display 12 Layout options. We will leave it at default which is a single title box and a single box. Then close the side panel.

Change the Presentation Background Area Color

There is another way to change the background color more precisely. Click Format, Object, Area. Then click on the Gradient Tab:


This brings up the Gradients options. We will create some new backgrounds called Square. Change the Type to Square, the angle to 45 degrees and the border to 5 percent. Then click Add and name it Square Blue. Then click OK.


Repeat to create Square Red, Square Green and Square Purple. Then click OK. Now that we have created the background color option we want, we are ready to change the background of the slides. Click Slide, Properties, Background. Then click on the Gradient tab and select Square Green. Then click OK. For Background Settings for All Pages, click OK.

Add a Title, Image and Text box to this slide.


Click on View, Slide Pane to bring up the Slide Pane to the left of the current slide:


Right click on the first slide in the slide pane. Then click Duplicate Slide to add another identical slide. Then change the text and image to create your second slide. The first slide should explain what your new business is about. The remaining slides can explain the unique features of your business and how those features will benefit your potential customers. You generally want 10 or fewer slides which will allow you to have a video presentation that is less than five minutes in length with about 30 seconds to show and discuss each slide. The final slide should show a link to your business website and encourage those who watch the video to go to your website for more information.

Record your Video with Simple Screen Recorder
Now that we have our slide presentation, we will use a free tool called Simple Screen Recorder to turn your presentation into a video. Then, we will show you how to create a business YouTube channel and post your business video to your business YouTube channel.

If you click on the Mint menu. Then click on Sound and Video, you may find that Simple Screen Recorder has already been added to your Linux class computer. If not, you can add Simple Screen Recorder by going to the Mint Software Center and typing Simple Screen Recorder in the Search Box. Then click on it. Then click Install and enter your password.

To open Simple Screen Recorder, from the Mint Start Menu, click on Sound and Video, then click Simple Screen Recorder which will bring up a Start screen. Click Continue at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up the second screen:


For your first video, to keep things simple, check the box to record the entire screen. In future videos, you can select a particular window or section of your desktop to record. Then click Continue at the bottom of the screen.


Give your first test video a file name. In the above screen shot, I have given the video the name shop01.mp4 and placed it in the david folder inside of the home folder. You can rename your video later and move it to a different folder later. Make sure the container is set for MP4 and the Audio is set for MP3 as these are preferred formats of YouTube. Then click Continue at the bottom of the page.


I have checked the Enable recording hotkey box and set the hotkey for the combination of the Control Key and the Z key so I can start and stop the video without bringing up the above screen and without using the task bar. On your bottom task bar, you should also see a quick launcher that allows you to hide the above screen:


Click Hide Window. Then open your slide presentation. Hide the side pane. Then click slideshow, start from first slide. This will make the slideshow fill screen. You can advance the slides by clicking on the screen. You can exit the slideshow by clicking on Escape in the upper left corner of your key board. To start the recording, click on Control Plus Z on your keyboard.

Say a few words about each slide. It helps if you have typed out what you want to say so that you only need to read your text as you display your images. For example, for the first slide, you might say: Welcome to our video channel….. The reason we start this channel is to show you how you can create your own online store using free open source tools...

Then click on the screen to move to your second slide. When you are done recording, click on Control Plus Z on your keyboard to stop the video. Then click Escape to end the full screen presentation. Then click on the task bar and click Save Recording.

Next, before posting your video on YouTube, you should review it. Open your file manager, find your video file, then right click and click Open with VLC media player. It is common to record your video several times to improve the volume level of the recording and the pacing of the recording.

Edit your Video with Open Shot
Open Shot is a free simple open source video editor. Do not download it from the Mint Software Center. You can download a much better version, the app image at this link. https://www.openshot.org/download/

Open your File Manager and transfer the app image file from your Downloads folder to your Apps folder (which should be located just above your Desktop folder in your File Manager. If you do not yet have an Apps folder, then in the File Manager Menu, click on File, Create New Folder. Name the folder Apps. Then copy the Open Shot App Image Folder to your Apps folder.

Then right click on the Open Shot App Image and click Properties. Then click on the Permissions tab and check the box to allow executing the file as a program. Then close the Permissions window and close your file manager.

Then right click on the Mint Menu and click Configure. Then click Menu. Then click Open the Menu Editor. Then click Sound and Video. Then click New Item. Name the Launcher Open Shot. Click Browse to navigate to the Open Shot File in your File Manager. Then click on the Icon and find an icon you like. When done, the launcher will look like this:


You can then find Open Shot in the Sound and Video section of your Mint Applications. When you open Open Shot, it will ask if you want to create a desktop file. Click No.

How to use Open Shot to Edit your Video
We will use Open Shot to add a second audio track with background music to our video. Here is the opening screen:


Click File Import Files. Then in your File Manager, find the video you just created and import it. Then click File, Import Files again and find the audio file you want to use and import it.


Then click File, Save Project As and name the Project My First Video. Then right click on the video and click Add to Timeline. Default location is Track 5. Then right click on the audio file and click Add to Timeline. Change the location to Track 4. Then click OK. Then on right side of the Timeline row, change the time from 15 seconds to 45 seconds.


The video file is 6 minutes long. But the audio file is only 1 minute long. Therefore, move the red line to the end of the audio clip and add a second copy of the audio clip. Repeat moving the red line and adding copies until the audio on Track 4 extends past the video. Here is what the entire screen now looks like:


Reduce the Audio Volume
Play the combined video plus Audio by clicking on the Green play button. The audio on Track 4 is likely to be much louder than your voice from the video on Track 5. Click on the first audio file in Track 4 to select it. Then right click and click Volume, Entire Clip, Level 30%. Repeat for the other audio tracks. Then play the combined video again. Once the sound level is set Save the project. Then click File, Export Project, Export Video. Name the file, Finished Video 01. Use the default settings and click Export Video. It will take a couple of minutes to export the video. Then open the video in your file manager and verify that the sound is what you want.

Create Your Business YouTube Channel and Post your Business Video
Once you have a business video you like, you are ready to create your own video channel and post your video to your channel. The first step in creating a YouTube business channel is to log into your business Gmail account. Then in the upper right corner, click on the box of dots.


Then click on the YouTube Icon. It will ask if YouTube can send notifications to your Gmail Account. Click Allow Notifications. You can create your YouTube channel at the same time as you post your first video. So click the small camera with a plus (+) symbol in the upper right corner of your YouTube page. Click on the "+" symbol. Then click Upload Video.


Click Use a business or other name. Then for Brand Account name, type in the name of your business, such as Create Your Own Online Store. Then click Create. Then click Upload Video”. Navigate to your Video folder and select the video you made. It will take a minute to upload.


Type in a short description to the description box:

An introduction to Phoca Cart… The Future of Ecommerce!

You can also add tags such as linux and video.

Then click Publish to publish your video. Then edit the video to add a custom thumbnail image.


Click on the video to watch it. Here is the link to our new video:

Here is a link to our YouTube Channel.

To learn more about setting up and customizing your YouTube channel, visit this website: https://createyourownvideochannel.org/

How to embed your YouTube video into your business website Home page.

At the base of the video, click Share, then Embed. Then copy the Embed code.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/sblyTj-dSbE" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

You can place this code either in an article or in a custom module.

Step 6: Review the updated website

Then click on the video link to see if it actually goes to your business YouTube video. On your website, you may want to make the video box larger. Try 788 wide by 433 high.


What’s Next?
In the next chapter, we will review setting up business licenses, bank accounts and bookkeeping accounts.