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    Welcome to the Future of Ecommerce… Learn why Phoca Cart is a your best option for building an online store.
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    #1 The world’s most advanced Open Source online store building system… combining the innovations of Phoca Cart with the power of the Joomla Content Management System (and Joomla’s thousands of free extensions).
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    #2 Completely free and fully functional online store unlike options with huge hidden fees costing hundreds to thousands of dollars a year.
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    #3 Full control over your own data and your own future… Creating your own online store means no vendor or developer lock in.
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    #4 Flexible and fully customizable template framework... gives you full control over your website content and appearance.
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    #5 Infinitely Expandable…. Add as many products as you want, from as many brands as you want & place them in as many categories as you want.
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    #6 Infinitely adaptable… With each product, you can assign short and long descriptions, videos, specifications, reviews, ratings, questions, tags and attributes like size and color. You can even include images that change to display the color selected by your customer.
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    #7 Custom Product Tags and Labels… Create your own custom product tags and labels, such as New, Popular, Featured, Hot, Our Favorites, Super Deal, Holiday Special and On Sale – or whatever you want!
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    #8 Products can be organized by categories, brands or custom tags.. You can assign products not only by descriptive categories, but also by brand and/pr tag categories. For example, you can display a page for all Sale Items or all Holiday Special items.
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    #9 Optional Detailed Product Information Section… appearing on each Product page in a special section below the Product image and description.
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    #10 Easy to use Mega Menu Builder… Allows you to show Products in Categories from a Full Width Drop Down Menu.
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    #11 Free customizable product slideshow… Display featured products with titles, descriptions, links and Read More buttons!
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    #12 Read on to learn more about all 40 benefits of Phoca Cart… From custom tags and custom forms to Inventory control and order tracking, no other online store building option provides this many features!

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This is a test for creating Astroid Module Positions.


This is a test for creating Astroid Module Positions.

Welcome to our course on creating your own online store!

Joomla 3 support is ending in the next few months. Therefore, our Joomla 3 website and course, Create Your Own Online Storehas been replaced by our new Joomla 4 website and course called Create a Secure Online StoreJoomla 4 offers many improvements over Joomla 3. We recommend that you carefully update your Joomla 3 website to Joomla 4 before the end of 2021. Here is a link to our article on how to update a Joomla 3 website to Joomla 4:


Here is a link to the Home page of our new website and course on how to create a secure online store using Joomla 4:


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